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Our ropeway ropes are custom-made and individually tailored to the needs of our customers. Thus we achieve the greatest possible harmony with the other cable car components such as clamps, roller batteries and deflection pulleys. The result: economically perfect values for the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Ropeway Ropes

Whether it is a gondola, reversible ropeway, funicular or chair lift: our ropeway ropes are used reliably in ski regions and in urban public transport systems worldwide.


Our low-elongation haulage ropes COMPACTA ® and STABILO ® as well as the INTEGRA ® and INTEGRA-DATA ® track ropes stand out through a maximum of reliability and resilience.

Total cost of Ownership

Reduction of lifetime costs for the cable car operator thanks to the most modern calculation tools, rope constructions and splice inserts.


Corporate Movie

Our structural ropes: innovative, sophisticated and ready to install

In our own cable factory, we process high-tensile precision steel wire into ropes with diameters of up to 135 mm and assemble them with shapely end connections and our HYEND fork heads. The assembled ropes are delivered ready for installation to their destination.

Stadium and hall roofs

Our high-tensile steel wire ropes allow imposing, light-weight roof structures for stadia and event halls with minimal use of material. Flexible ropes offer various advantages over rigid structures.

Glass Facade

The aesthetic architecture is accentuated by steel wire ropes from FATZER. HYEND open sockets can be adjusted internally. This is obviating the need for large turnbuckles whilst elegantly balancing out structural tolerances from steel and concrete.

Road Bridges

Thanks to the ready-to-install assembly of our high-tensile steel wire ropes, large spans can be realized within a very short time.


Rope supported bridges are spectacular. Our swiss quality ropes guarantee safety and our comprehensive range of services right up to completion results in significant cost savings.


Steel wire ropes with CE approval

Our structural ropes are produced and assembled in accordance with the EU harmonization directives and are certified with CE approval. The CE certification guarantees that the marked products can be traded in the EU without restrictions. Fatzer guarantees that all requirements necessary for CE approval have been met in accordance with the relevant directives.

Our Services

myFATZER – the revolution of rope management


FAROtune – your tool for calculating the total cost of ownership


TRUscan – automated magnetic-inductive rope control


TRUsplice – tailor-made insert that increases the fatigue life of the splice

Inside Out: We know what it looks like inside

Our TRUscan is a ​electromagnetic testing device for 6- and 8-stand ropeway ropes. Wire breaks are detected with millimeter
precision and are stored on a central server via the internet or wirelessly using 4G.

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