• Logistics and Service

Thanks to our years of experience in the manufacture and maintenance of wire ropes, we are able to optimally support cableway manufacturers and operators. We perform services in the areas of rope installation and service quickly and with no hassles. Our offerings include splice work as well as rope inspection, rope cleaning, relubrication and repairs. We also pass our expertise on to customers other interested parties in regularly scheduled training sessions and seminars. Our comprehensive range of services also includes maintenance of wire ropes. Our services comprise splice and damage repair for stranded ropes and locked ropes as well as insertion of wires, strands and patches, and shortening.

FATZER has developed a proprietary splicing process in which the original core remains in the center of the splice and the insertion ends are wrapped with FATZER’s pressure-resistant splice tape.


TRUsplice® is a tailor-made insert that is specially customized to cradle the strands of the rope. This reduces strand contact to a minimum and increases the fatigue life of the rope.

Transport Logistics

Complex transport solutions individually tailored to the needs of our customers are our speciality. This service includes the handling of all customs formalities and the monitoring of the delivery to the destination.

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